Health & Design

Kasia's educational background began in Health Science but has spread towards many other subjects in Marketingcommunication and Nutrition & Sports in the UK.

With her Bikram & Ashtanga yoga and UK nutrition certificates, Kasia created an holistic approach to human wellbeing. She has also been MovNat certified, experiencing the ability of humans to fully adapt and move in a natural setting, in the jungles of Kenya,Costa Rica and Thailand. In 2018 she continued her further education with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the study subject "Human Microbiome" which involves the microbiology of the gut flora in relation to health. 

Kasia has been a guest teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven for a full semester, where she inspired the students of "Human & Wellbeing" design. 

She traveld with Max Havelaar through the Fair Trade Tea mountains, Spice gardens and Coconut fields. You can see & read about her tour in 2013 in Sri Lanka here.

Their jointly book "Eerlijk Eten" (Fair Food) has been published with stories and recipes from contributors who believe in Fair Trade around the world!